AlignBracket3D : Software for 3D simulation of Dental bracket positioning and Orthodontic Treatments

AlignBracket3D® is a computer program for dental bracket positioning and orthodontic treatment simulation on the 3D digital files of dental model sets to facilitate the planning of orthodontic treatments in 3D and allow patients to see the results of orthodontic treatments before executing the actual orthodontic treatments to the patients.

Furthermore, the program has dental root model template to facilitate the individual teeth simulation and orthodontic treatment simulation without causing the dental roots to protrude out of the gum. The 3D orthodontic treatment simulation also allows either the simulation of dental extraction before dental alignment simulation or the other way around to find the optimal occlusal alignment for the individual patients. If there are more than one way to perform orthodontic treatments, orthodontists and patients could make a decision from the accumulated information for the optimal orthodontic treatment that suit to patients' conditions so the patients have a confident on the process to complete orthodontic treatments.

AlignBracket3D is a computer program for Windows to facilitate the orthodontic diagnoses and treatments from 3D images of dental cast models. User can defines relating parameters to be applied on the 3D dental cast models shown in this program through the functions in this software.

AlignBracket3D has been designed to allow dentists and orthodontists to plan the orthodontic treatments on 3D digital images by applying the segmentation tool on individual teeth before applying either semi-automatic orthodontic treatments on each tooth or the dental realignment along the selected dental curve. Users can readjust the positions of the dental brackets along with the final positions of the individual teeth after orthodontic treatments to allow patients to see he simulated dental movements in 3D before executing the actual treatments. This program is also a training tool for orthodontists as well as dental school students to enhance the experiences on orthodontic treatments before the orthodontic treatment services.

AlignBracket3D could perform simulation backward from the finished orthodontic treatments back to the beginning to allow dentists and orthodontist to watch the demonstration of orthodontic treatment simulation as a whole from the initial positions to the final positions after finishing the orthodontic treatments to allow orthodontists to plan the optimal orthodontic treatments that suit to the patient conditions shown on the 3D dental case files.

AlignBracket3D® consisted of two main packages according to the utility purposes including AlignBracket3D® Master and AlignBracket3D® Viewer with details shown as follows:

  • AlignBracket3D® Master : The commercial program to prepare the data from 3D digital dental cast files which allow the segmentations of individual teeth along with the analyses, the orthodontic planning, bracket positioning, and 3D simulation of dental movements from the beginning to the final positions.
  • AlignBracket3D® Viewer : The Free program to read and display the data prepared by AlignBracket3D® Master which allow minor readjustment of the brackets but it would allow neither the new data preparation nor the new dental segmentations.

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